How to Bet Using Half-Time/Full-Time Betting Strategy

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If you have ever visited a betting place or a casino, you may have found yourself wondering what are those ones and exes standing for. Nowadays, it is much easier to bet both in local betting places or casinos, as well as from the comfort of your chair from behind the computer or your portable device: smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. In other words, you can place a bet from home or any place you may call home (as they say, home is where Wi-Fi is free, but I digress). However, that still doesn’t imply that you will know what to bet on and what are those numbers and exes standing for. Therefore, let me present you with half-time/full-time betting strategy, a strategy that you may or may not have been familiar with.Online_Gambling


What is half-time/full-time strategy?

A half-time/full-time betting is the strategy where you are guessing not just the outcome of the entire game, but also the results which are achieved in the first part of the game and recorded on the halftime. You only win this type of bet if you correctly predict both outcomes: the one on the end of the game and the one during the break. The only condition for this type of betting is that the game is interrupted by a break.

Which sports should you bet on with this strategy?

soccernews-fooball-betting-tips-pic1Precisely due to this particularity that you can only play this type of betting with games that have a halftime or a break, there are some games that you can play this betting with. So, which sports are good for this type of betting? The games which you can place this bet on include mainly football games, American football, soccer, basketball, and ice-hockey games which are split into three thirds.

A practical example: Barcelona vs. Juventus 

Let’s say that Barcelona plays a game of soccer with Juventus and you want to place a half-time/full-time bet. Soccer is definitely a type of game to which you can apply this type of betting. The team represented by number 1 is the home-team, or Barcelona in our example, the team represented by number 2 represents the away-team, or in this example Juventus, inplay-betting-strategy-tipswhile the letter X represents a draw. Therefore, Barcelona vs. Juventus would mean that Barcelona is 1 and Juventus is 2 and the number given means that that team will win. Tip 1/1 would mean that you predict that Barcelona will win the first halftime of the game and that Barcelona will also win at the end of the game. Tip 1/X stands for the bet that Barcelona, or home-team, or team 1, would win at the halftime of the game, but that the result at the fulltime between two teams at the end of the game would be a draw. If you place a bet on 1/2, you will bet that team 1 or Barcelona in this example would win at the halftime and that the opposing team, or in this example Juventus will win at the end of the game. Other combinations include X/1, X/X, X/2, 2/1, 2/X and 2/2. But, we all know that even in this hypothetical example the safest bet is 1/1 and that Barcelona would win either way.